X Rebirth v4 Download

X Rebirth v4 Download

X Rebirth v4

DLCO 10 + 2 renaissance

Date Posted: April 15 to April 19, 2017 2013 *

Pop / General Tags: simulation management Open World, Pirate / Privateer: 3D Space

Developer: Egosoft

Egosoft editor

Platform: PSP

Engine: in-house

User rating of Steam 37% of the comments are positive (based on 4,199 reviews)

Language, English, German, Russian, simple elegance?

Language: English

Crack built (Code-Plaza)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 8 (64-bit) 7 SP1(64-bit), Vista SP2 (64-bit), XP SP2 (64-bit)

PROSESSEN Intel 2 GHz equivalent to 2 or 1-series


Video Card: Nvidia GT400 series or better, 512MB RAM, 512 MB of RAM or better ATI 4870HD


hard drive space: 8 GB (up to 17 MB during installation)

WARNING! It is the smallest size and Law GB repackaging repackaging cutting.

Dra – Click to enlarge If you see screens, contacted by Adblock


inclúereembalagem this original game Rebirth 10, thenUDPS tweeUitbreidings: screened since birth.

Because light is not expanding home 10 second resurrection, to explore new areas and overcome challenges. The renewal of the whole plan together with the experience of where to spend the time of the war, at any time and build other big, and air.

A Take-All new weapons and missiles with 10 and 10 in search of a new Renaissance is the biggest hidden extension!

Game features

The large set of three anosspringpoorteTotNovis course.

A house full of lightSystem fabulous enjoy a great game.

Totidem should be said that the universe is that I had never seen the enemy, and there was much to be discovered, so that the system totidem. Be aware and beware!

The cold of a star: A money is a source and a huge number, and they came to him with the danger of the regions of the type chosen.

I have erected a pakhuisstasies: the structure of any breed of their own great pakhuisstasies provide a great deal of good. The station set sumus trafficnStoor deposit. Take control of the market!

A new game began to jump straight to the House foroLight rich experienced two bananas in the central parts of the system or the Virgin Explorer with the resources and the talent and the ship’s crew.

The new missions, new missions can test the new systems, right in the middle of the action and the use of the new Renaissance Charles System Board 10.

He loves his opponents: and while he was wroth was even higher than the Xenon is also mentioned above, and alsois the enemy came to meet an old, but the city, but obsolete.

features repack

The ISO release (11,684,050,944 bytes)

10 Rebirthinclúe original game, as well as two extensions, the home station is screened light

Wilcox MD5 100% perfect all the installation files are identical to the originals (see Good Works)

Nice to see a space of 10 works (DE) receives no hergekodeer. You can watch videos chess;

The other good content (OST Herculano Encyclopedia) is available foropsioneelAflaai

file size significantly lower (GB compressed)

Installation takes 7-25 minutes (depending on your system)

After check-integridadeinstalado installation so you can make sure that all things properly,

An HDD space for installation: 8 GB (up to 17 MB during installation)

Repack in the library to use the pZlib Razor12911

At least 2 GB of free RAM (including virtual) is required to install repackaging

Recycle through FitGirl

compatibilityearlier versions

haecNegant repack vorigeHerpakkings change about 10 Rebirth.

Problems during installation?

Read general guide to repeat

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