PC Telephone 7 x64 x86 download

PC Telephone 7 x64 x86 download

PC Telephone 7

There are times when the main program like Skype or GoToMeeting can get an excessive memory or are simply too obtrusive. In such cases, why does not use features provided by PC phone? As you may guess from nazvyGety unique package perhaps provides many of the same advantages as these famous colleagues, but requires much less memory.

Other international calls Alone

One of the most attractive points compared to PC-Phone EDEKA isAt international calls high prices metszdyaysnyats. It is important to recognize that it contains functions other than standard. For example, you have the right to make calls from PC to PC are absolutely free and does not serve as necessary. PC phone taksamaGeta you can turn a standard PC into a telephone with ISDN (Integrated Digital Network Services).

Modern and elegant

You can send konekcijapatireshtki songs faxes over the internet monitoring call and even this VoIP softwareOn your smartphone. All of these great advantages when you make regular calls or the Internet, you will communicate with clients abroad. Finally, there is a demoversion for research is available, before zdeysnitskab download the entire package.


It supports the new USB phone device

It works with all USB phones available on the PC

USB phone automatically seperate

ApavyashchennyaGuchnasts personal dynamics on the computerOr USB phone

PC-Phone FaxView supports SFF and TIFF files

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