AnonymoX 2.4 Windows 7/8 Download Free Serials

AnonymoX 2.4 Windows 7/8 Download Free Serials

AnonymoX 2.4

AnonymoX for Firefox is an application that gives you fast, anonymous surfing touch of a button.

If you are concerned about privacy on the Internet, anonymoX good solution. After activation you can choose IP, wash them and bachytsvash public IP, all with the intention to make the Internet life only a little safer.

The problem of web dams and proxy is that they are complicated in configuration and can seriously slow down browsing. Not so with anonymoX.Toy installed as an easy-to-use FirefoxAnd automatically provides a random «identity». By clicking on the icon in the address bar of anonymoX, then you can select a specific identifier from the list, including USA, Europe and Asia, IP addresses.

Also anonymoX inshykrok on, you also deliberately remove cookies, leaving your website or change your identity, preventing this from being recognized. The application also allows you to switch between their services Thor and you can vklyuchytsanonymoX information dropping the bottom line means,The person is currently connected to the IP and is publicly accessible. By clicking on this information you will be able to change it.

AnonymoX good small tool, though not particularly flexible. KanfiguratsyiYany options are largely limited to what you see in the interface, but it is, of course, that the service is very easy to use. Using identity, we also found anonymoXda to be pretty fast, but as always, some of the locations wereSlower than others, especially when vybaryZShA.

If you are looking for casual and seldom running IP while using Firefox, anonymoX good free choice. You can always switch to a premium service, but if you look a little more detail and / or configured for anonymity, we have prapanuemshukats elsewhere.

On free, anonymous, anonymoX large, easy-to-use Firefox tool.

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