Namebench 1.3 download

Namebench 1.3 download

Namebench 1.3

You may not know it, but you can opt for a change of address, put in your browser to IP numbers, coordinates the real Internet.

It’s not something most people think about, but it’s surprising how much difference it can make changes to DNS servers. recentlystarted strong offers service on Google, so as to know better? Namebench rechemevas.

lamangi download the file and run it, and will open Namebench tanpapemasangan. Choose whether you want to enter a variable (such as Google DNS) and regional DNS services, data source (probably Firefox) and benchmark for selecting data.

ifthis means nothing to you – do not worry! What you need to do is press the «Start Benchmark» and Namebench start. The testing may take several hours it is best just wo leave it running while you go about your business. Results will appear in your browsersuch as graphs and tables. adalahbesar, if you are interested in more information, but may be incomprehensible to newcomers. Fortunately, at the top of the page it is only going to tell you, if you are using the fastest service available to you.

Namebench appisang little messy, to resolvethe question naLugjeto may not realize. However, it will not help you if you want to change your DNS server after the test. What will be left alone.

Namebench used to see if you get the fastest yangperkhidmatan – you can significantly speed up your Internet experience!


abilityshareang upload your scores online

Show version of the DNS server and nodenames in HTML output (mouseover)

Updated GUI

fast / slow speed turn medical examination

The new data set available (updated information, cache misses, cache hits, cache mix)

howpcapfailsa result of direct import of Wireshark and tcpdump.

OARC check port diversity, including

updated server list

Library update (dnspython, Jinja2)

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