Tango 1.6 x64 download free

Tango 1.6 x64 download free

Tango 1.6

Tango is adding video and voice chat later to chat with other people using their mobile phones

Free calls to users Tango

As WhatsApp and Skype, Tango on your computer to connect with users of Android and iPhone. If your friends aretangotopametni of phones with data plans or Wi-Fi, you can call the free phone without leaving your computer.

takprosto as mobile version

Tango sekoppelvlak PC version is identical to the standard mobile skin to look at the iPhone-enabled. If not for the election,you can promenitekozhata in the settings.

Use tango. Include your phone number and the number of friends you want to call. From there, you talk just one simple click.

velykyyAudio and video

Video and audio quality is impressive in Tango, although this can varydepending on the device and verband.kontroleTangoto is also very simple. Options allow you to determine how you want to sort your contacts, allowing you to setup a webcam Tango skin changes and check for updates. Unfortunately, you can not do much morethan it does through adaptation.

Ideal for korisnicitango

withpossibility audio and video chat with friends smart phones from the comfort of your computer, tango is a welcome addition to the program.

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