Ace Player HD ACE Stream Media 32bit installer download

Ace Player HD ACE Stream Media 32bit installer download

Ace Player HD ACE Stream Media

Ace HD Player VLC Media Player with support for BitTorrent protocol, to watch videos and TV HD streaming.

VLC clone backed BitTorrent

An ACE Player HD + (aka Ace current) in VLC heart. Add BitTorrent support HD content such as movies for you, shows and chwaraeonnant.

above, it offers basically the same characteristics as VLC:

SD interface than VLC

ACE-HD player simple interface, with support for multiple languages ​​and rich functionality. The playerbe designed with customizable skins for VLC Media Player.

VLC player gdeACE differently, it sefydlogrwydda performance. The device plays a major audio and video formats without any issues, including MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, MKV, FLV and FLAC, without installing codecs.

Performance is excellent, making undBildkualitat excellent. But one thing that could be improved is the speed of the buffer.

ACE-chwaraewrHD opens vezestart acestream: //, supports popular site for watching TV and streamingsports. It can be used directly in the browser (via plug-in) or by the program itself.

Stability and play depends largely on your internet connection and how many people are connected to it (the mwyafi better). All users share a part of the file to help others to distribute files faster.


ACE Player HD is a modified version of VLC, which is enhanced with support BitTorrent. This allows you to use the program as a solid player HDP2P TV and Media Player Classic.

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