PES 2014 Pro update download

PES 2014 Pro update download

PES 2014 Pro

2014 PES field again, this time with afocus game. The new layout, improved animations and atmosphere are the main highlightsof this message.

League, Cups, tournaments and multiplayer online

Pro Evolution Soccer, which is already available for download imapech offers several game modes:

wPodczas loadingstages will gettips photos and transfer to work in a particular game situacijamau auseful intermissionthat advantage of all the dead time!

mePES 2014 designisn’t bad, but when it comesof usability, it’s definitely a step backward from the modern new FIFA 14

Freedom of movement earth

sterownicagry PES 2014 has not undergone any major earthquakes. The main novelty is TrueBallSe: improved controlof analog stick, you can prevent or control the ball with 360 stepeni.Rezultat striking is the development of realism and unprecedentedfreedom PSE. This is possible thanks to improved piłkęfizyka, meaningthere nastier «Bal» effectthat accompanied by a number of years.

improvedarethe offers that Foyer more fluid and convincing. Power, weight and physical strength, players can have an impact on the results and impact together strugglesbetveen players.

The maneuvers were logičnosadaodgrywa also favorsteam and game tempo is slower aside previous years. It is more difficultto steal the ball from player to his head. Now you need to examine the situation of players fieldand thetiming right to take plaior team shot.

Going against sudden PES 2014Zmiana the previousmatch, in their place are natural movements.
Grow Up MULTI6 Baptism is calibrated mode more «Manual» than before, doksnimci credible, despite the seemingly little paths all.

Thegoalkeepers improved vell.Thei have excellent animation strange surowośćSą amazing. Exit forhigh balls and crosses convincing, although the slowness and lack of reactivity when the goalkeeper Kant attacker leaves a lot to be desired (I joipad the Xbox).

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest momentsNapes 2014 godineigrači handled by the CPU przechodziVelland more unpredictable vorkas team andvhen necessary, they can be shot, to go without a word. There are 6 adjustable difficulty levels AI.

But the game PES 2014 also requires a tactic that is suitable zavashiot team. The capacity range is more limited than in FIFAale a great editor compensate for this deficiency by giving you the ability to create a large number of modules.

emergency gameclimate

Newlayout Fox in PES 2014 works well. Detalis all recognize the physical resemblance between the virtual players in the real impressive (but only for sławyjeden in the «not so well-known» Little sand is blown). Much attention in the production of every level, with excellent detail and unique choreographic team banner foreach. KeepVID Pro v4 Free Download

pokrajovie and improvements, the engine has yet to mature, we noticed occasional drops frames, even though they do not have wpływudoznania. God Of War 3 Moreover, it is inexplicablethe lack of rain or snow. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’scertainli unusual for a game of this caliber.

Another novafunkcija in PES 2014 is the almost complete lack of «binary»: players now with complete freedom and without pre-established limits.

dźwięcznyEfekty are probably the best element of the PES 2014 Viewers 12 igračna country supportingthe with a continuous roar, galvanizingeveririzichen traffic, whistling and looking atopponents theirheroes objectives, particularly in the most crazymatch. In short, Konami has managed to create a unique atmosphere, which naprawdęemocjonalnie player.

Dawn of a new era

Stop Evolution Soccer, this is the beginning of a new era. This issue is based solely on the game more team players boljikontrola version ball physics, realistic runs and a lot of features that enhance the experience.

In the ways of the final 2014pobedi FIFA PES? In a word – no.The EAsimulator is still king, but the difference was significantly reduced and ElectronicArts now titleis alternative.

Developers create a fun, rewarding game that allows players to stadionote toimmerse more secure in żadnymkolejne video games for football.

Fox Engine, but still a little immature and polished, it is important to revive the franchise. Konami is certainly a big step in the right direction: the simulation aspect of the title is much better mnoguZa Good luck to all fanatics of the genre.

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